1. Ecole Solitaire Residential Finishing School Programs at a Picturesque Resort.
  2. Open programs and educational programs
  3. Business Etiquette, Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Personal Effectiveness Program & many more
  4. Image coaching Program for Industrialists, CEO’s Businessmen, Professionals, Senior Expats.

    1. A Finishing School designed to shape and polish individuals and prepare them for the real world.
      The name of this school is inspired by a diamond. A stone whose true potential is unearthed only once it is cut and polished.
      From the last 16 years Ecole Solitaire has emerged as a leading international corporate training consultancy.
      Ecole Solitaire are pioneers in India in the area of Etiquette Training, Grooming and Image Coaching.

Ecole Solitaire is India’s First Residential Finishing School and International Corporate Training Consultancy. We offer specialized soft skills training to corporates, educational institutions and individuals. We are one of the leading soft skills training and corporate training companies in India based in Pune. We have a high quality team of soft skills trainers and corporate trainers which is spearheaded by Mr.Minocher Patel. We offer effective soft skills training on various topics like leadership skills, communication skills, business etiquette skills, customer service skills, time management skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills, selling skills, telephone etiquette skills. We also offer specialized comprehensive personality development programs.
  1. Profile of


    Founder Director

    Ecole Solitaire

    India’s Leading Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Success & Image coach Of International Repute.

  1. Mr. Patel received the ‘KATHA UK – Global Excellence Award’ at the House of Lords, London.
  2. Mr. Minocher Patel has been awarded the Suryadatta Corporate Excellence Award for the year 2010 for creating new benchmarks of excellence in India in the field of Motivational Speaking and Soft Skills Training.
  3. Received the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Award for outstanding Service, Achievements and Contribution in the field of Education and Training at the hands of Union Minister of State for Planning on 19th November 2007 in New Delhi. This prestigious award has been earlier awarded to renowned personalities like Mother Teresa, Rusi Modi, Navjot Singh Sidhu, actor Rajnikant and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.
  4. Received the National Achievement Award for Excellence in Education at the hands of Union Minister of State for Planning Mr. M.V.Rajasekharan in New Delhi.2007.
  5. Awarded the Indira Excellence Award as India’s Leading Motivational Speaker 2008, at the hands of Shri. Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
  6. Awarded the ICFAI Business School Excellence Award as India’s Leading Motivational Speaker 2006.
  7. Awarded the Young International Achiever Award 2006 by Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology.
  8. Lion’s Club International Excellence Award for being India’s Leading Motivational Speaker 2005.
  9. Acclaimed as India’s Leading Trainer by Training & Management Magazine 2004.
  10. Rotary International Vocation Excellence Award for Pioneering work in the field of Etiquette and Grooming in India 2009.
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  1. Profile of Founder Director Mr.Minocher Patel
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