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  • 6 Days Comprehensive Finishing School Program

6 Days Finishing School Program For Middle And Senior Level Executives

Program Outline

Importance of Emotional Quotient
  • How to build a Positive Personality
  • How to build Self Confidence
  • Importance of Self Awareness & Self Analysis
  • The Magic of Positive Thinking
  • How to be Self-Motivated
  • The Power of Positive Attitude & Positive Emotions
  • Character Building
  • Importance of Values
  • Importance of being a Good Human Being
  • Importance of Good Habits
  • Importance of Spiritual Quotient
Importance of Etiquette Quotient
  • Importance of Perception Management
  • Importance of Etiquette and Manners
  • Office Etiquette
  • Table Etiquette
  • Correct Behaviour at Social, Formal and Informal get-togethers
  • Art of Entertaining and Getting Entertained
Other Success Skills
  • Success Secrets of Successful People
  • Assertiveness Vs Aggressiveness
  • Anger Management
  • Boss Management
  • Success Management
  • Failure Management
  • Career Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Effective Time Management
  • Importance of Health & Fitness
Importance of Effective Presentation Skills
  • Presentation & Preparation
  • Importance & Effective usage of Visual Aids
  • Power of Non – Verbal Communication
  • Controlling Speaking Stress, Fear and Apprehensions
  • Effective Body Language
  • Importance of Voice Modulations
  • Audience Handling
The Art of Effective Self Presentation
  • Importance of Personal Grooming
  • Effective Wardrobe Planning
  • Importance of Personal Hygiene
Communication Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Importance Of Non Verbal Communication
  • Effective Body Language
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
Effective Leadership and People Skills
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • C-L Formula for Successful Leadership
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • 7 Tips for Better People Skills
  • The Power of Strokes
  • Importance of Team Work and Team Building

Training Methodology: Lectures, Exercises, Role Plays, Video Recording and Playback
Program Director:
Mr. Minocher Patel
Founder Director, Ecole Solitaire

Ecole Solitaire is in the Limca Book of Records as India's First Residential Finishing School
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